Level Up with Our Keynotes

Mastering the Game of Learning and Leadership

Get ready to be inspired by our exceptional keynote speakers, who bring a wealth of knowledge in innovation, learning, and leadership. The team from Freestyle Plus, renowned for their cutting-edge approaches in experiential learning, will set the stage with their innovative insights.

Following them, Chad E. Foster, a resilience and leadership guru, will share his inspiring story of triumph over adversity, offering valuable lessons in resilience-driven leadership. These speakers exemplify transformative learning and embody the leadership ethos vital in the life sciences sector.



We are delighted to announce that our opening keynote on June 10th will be presented by the innovative team from Freestyle+!

Renowned for their exceptional engagement and inspirational approach, Freestyle+ will deliver a session filled with creativity, interactive experiences, and forward-thinking insights. This is an opportunity to energize and inspire all participants to level up their learning and leadership.

🌐 Discover more about Freestyle Plus and their experiential learning methods at Freestyle+ Experiences.

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Chad E. Foster


Get ready for an empowering and transformative experience on our second day with our keynote speaker, Chad E. Foster! Despite losing his eyesight as a young adult, Chad did not allow this to confine his ambitions. He became the first blind executive to graduate from a Harvard leadership program and developed software solutions that defied expectations. Chad’s keynote will focus on overcoming challenges, fostering resilience, and transforming adversity into advantage – themes that resonate deeply in the life sciences sector.

🌐 Learn more about Chad E. Foster at Chadefoster.com.

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