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Career Success

What do you want to be when you grow up? Are your ambitions clear – and do you know how to get there? This track will cover the fundamentals of advancing your career, from the art of persuasion to networking, to personal branding. This track will also address topics like engaging in a matrix environment, mentorships, skill building and work-life balance. Take this opportunity to step back from thinking about your immediate professional demands and make sure you have the clarity and skills to achieve career goals.

Customer Engagement & Selling in a Matrix Environment

Sales models are constantly changing, and external factors such as managed care, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and a compliance-driven environment complicate business-as-usual approaches. How do you reach and engage your customer in this multi-faceted environment? What new selling skills are needed? This track will explore engaging with your first line leaders to create an effective partnership to pull through your training initiatives. This track will help you move forward with confidence – without missing a beat when it comes to sales productivity.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

This track empowers trainers to explore nuanced perspectives, fostering a deep understanding of diversity issues within the life sciences industry. With a focus on practical strategies and interactive discussions, participants will acquire the tools to develop inclusive training programs, ensuring a positive impact on workplace culture and fostering a sense of belonging within their respective pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies.

Field Training

In this workshop series, you will have an opportunity to learn about the ever-changing marketplace access, including recent policy changes and proposals. Examine how these changes impact the life science industry from the physician’s and payor’s perspective.

Healthcare Reform and Market Access

At LTEN, we are fortunate to have so many amazing training partners who specialize in training solutions for the life sciences. In these sessions, they lend their expertise and share with you insights on a wide range of topics.

Impact & Measurement

Demonstrating a return on investment can be a trainer’s biggest challenge – yet, done well it can be a trainer’s best friend. Measuring impact and effectiveness is central to the justification of budget and programming and will help define just how meaningful learning and development is within your organization. This track will cover topics including process methodology, , data and analytics through a learning and performance impact lens amid a technology-driven culture.

Instructional Design & Delivery

How do you make your learning courses engaging to trainees? How do you transfer new knowledge and skills to the field? What is the right blend of media? This track offers tips, skills, and strategies for curriculum development, classroom management, and course evaluation – and everything in between.

Learning Labs - 20-Minute Micro-Learning Sessions

Grow your knowledge on a variety of hot topics, latest technology trends, best practices and case studies. Visit the Learning Labs, micro-sessions located throughout the exhibit hall, to hear from industry experts.

Management & Leadership Development

In this workshop series, you will find the keys to developing great managers, but also great leaders. Starting with understanding effective leadership behaviors, you will focus on coaching techniques and how to empower and inspire others as well as interviewing skills, engagement, and emotional intelligence. This track is a must if you want to master the “lead by example” part while also developing others to go beyond the basics of their role and on to a path of professional refinement and aspiration.

Medical Device & Diagnostics Training

The Medical Device & Diagnostic track will focus on the training methods, strategies and skills needed for success in the ever-changing life science landscape. Best practices, tools and tactics that address the unique challenges of the MD&D training professional will be included. We will also explore new and evolving technology and the latest trends that make training more efficient and effective.

Quality, Research & Development, Medical (QRDM) Training

If you work includes developing, delivering or sourcing training for R&D, clinical, manufacturing, quality, regulatory or compliance personnel, then this track is tailor-made for you. Explore sessions on program development, identifying & qualifying trainers, correcting human error, GxPs, (cGMP, GLP, GTP, GDP, etc.), product submissions, regulatory compliance, audit readiness risk, and more!

Partner Sponsored

At LTEN, we are fortunate to have so many amazing training partners who specialize in training solutions for the life sciences. In these sessions, they lend their expertise and share with you insights on a wide range of topics.

Strategic Account Management

If your team has Key Account Managers, this is the training track you need! Focusing on the business of strategic selling skills in healthcare, this track includes essential topics such as critical thinking, business acumen, strategic business planning, selling in a matrix team, influencing the C-Suite, and other similar topics to help equip your Key Account Managers with the advanced skills senior sales professionals need. While sometimes confused with Market Access, this track focuses on training to drive sales performance from your Key Account Manager teams and their leaders.

Virtual Learning, Tools, Techniques & Technologies

Mobile, digital, and distance learning is no longer new, or revolutionary. But training departments continue to be embroiled in figuring out how to evaluate the various and constantly changing options as well as how to best integrate new applications.

Technology is so pervasive and fast-moving in every aspect of daily life and in business that we had to give this a completely separate track. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the newest tech out there and how your peers are using it new ways.

Wellbeing, Community & Culture

This track is crafted to empower trainers with strategies to infuse wellbeing principles, foster a sense of community, and cultivate a positive training culture within their life sciences organizations. Through interactive sessions and evidence-based practices, participants will gain the expertise to elevate the overall training experience, creating a harmonious and supportive environment that enhances both personal and professional growth.